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Bill Gate said this summer vacation to read these books - Gates's summer books.

2018-06-05 18:03:03 Viking Tech

Bill, a philanthropist with hundreds of millions of wealth, · Gates spent money on vaccines and aid projects, but he also knew that money could not buy more knowledge.
So, every summer (and during the holidays), Gates will share a reading list with the banner of beach books to introduce the concept of an eye opening. It's not a secret, but Gates pretends to be surprised every year. In his personal blog Gates notes (Gates Notes), he wrote, “ when I tidy up the list of recommendations this summer, I found that some of these books discussed some of the major issues. ”
In fact, this year he has listed several core issues that readers can find in these big heads. “ what's the knack for genius? Why did the good people fail to report them? Where do human beings come from and where do they go? ”
The following bibliographies seem to answer these questions in a sequential manner. From the biography of Leonardo · Da · Finch (Leonardo Da Vinci), a woman's memoir against cancer to a fictional narration of Abraham · by the mouth of the ghost; one of the night of the life of Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln), and even a book explaining the origin and development of life. The above covers only 4 themes, so we might as well regard the fifth books as the clarion call for action. The author of this book is Hans Rosling Hans, a global health expert who died last year. · Hans. It goes back to discussing some experiences and lessons, and more directly explains that everyone has the ability to do good deeds for the world.
Leonardo · Da · Finch (Leonardo Da Vinci)
Author: Voight · AI Isaacson (Walter Isaacson)
[cover sheet: Simon and Schuster publishing company (Simon & Schuster)]
As the most admired painter and thinker in the world, · Finch was basically self-taught, and the technical limitations of more than 500 years ago did not limit his conjecture about the principles of the world. As Gates wrote, “ when he longed to know something, whether through the blood flow of the heart or the shape of the woodpecker's tongue, he watched closely, put down his thoughts, and tried to find the answer. ” curiosity is more valuable than ever before, especially in the Internet age.
Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I’ ve Loved.
Author: Kate · Bowler (Kate Bowler)
[cover map: Penguin Landon Penguin (Random House)]
When a professor at the Duke Divinity School (Duke) was diagnosed with the fourth stage of colon cancer, she tried to accept the randomness of the contingency and try to find out how to eventually control the randomness. Gates thinks that &ldquo, some &lsquo and why &rsquo is unable to give a satisfactory answer with facts. ” in his view, this book illustrates the overemphasis on the risk of causal thinking. Bowler grew up in a family of a non Christian family. His family believed that a firm belief can often be rewarded in real terms. Such a growth environment gives her a humorous, helpless and valuable perspective of thinking.
Lincoln in Lincoln in the Bardo
Authors: George · Saunders (George Saunders)
[cover map: Penguin Landon Bookstore]
The premise of this fantasy novel is no exception to the style of writing. The story happened overnight. The American Civil War just started. Abraham · President Lincoln came to the grave where the 11 year old son died recently. Then the ghost appeared, and the story was mainly carried out in a dialogue similar to the script. As Gates wrote, “ the president rerealized that he sent others' sons to the battlefield to sacrifice their lives for the country and create tragedies for other families. He has to make a choice. Should the war continue? If so, how can we ensure that the final result is worth such a heavy price? ”
Origin Story: A Big History of Everything
Author: David · Christian (David Christian)
[cover: Littell and Brown publishing company (Little)Brown and Company)]
Historian David · Christian is good at making the complex world history simple and easy to understand, so his history TED speech in 2011 has been browsed more than 8 million times. This book is a further extension of this ability. As Gates wrote in his book review, Christian pays more attention to the beginning of the change, such as explaining the physics and chemical principles of the big bang, and the biological and anthropological principles behind human primates that have evolved from single cell organisms to more recognizable ones. For inspiring teachers, parents or lifelong learners, Gates also recommended free online courses offered by Christian.
"The truth" (Factfulness)
Author: Hans · Roslin, Euler · Roslin (Ola Rosling) and Anna · Roslin · Lorne Lund (Anna Rosling Ronnlund).
As early as April, Gates recommended this book and wrote a separate review that stressed that it was a great inspiration for future reformers. At that time, Gates wrote, “ most of the books are on the 10 instincts that prevent human beings from seeing the world in fact, from the fear instinct (we pay more attention to the horror) to the scale instinct (the independent data is often more impressive than the reality) and the spacer instinct (most people are in the two extremes. ). For every instinct, he has provided practical advice to guide us to overcome inherent bias. ”
Last but not least, Gates's classic conclusion is: for many people around the world, life is really improving. But we need a lot of imagination, inspiration and input to keep moving forward.




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