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In the face of AI, the ten thousand sentence I love you is better than a sentence

2018-06-05 18:09:21 Viking Tech

When I was young, I heard my parents say the most sentence: “ you don't understand! When you grow up, you understand. ”
With my five year old IQ, I translate this sentence into: go away.
My heart is dissatisfied. When adults judge the logic of a thing, is there really no way to explain it to children? A sense of humiliation as a mental retardation arises spontaneously.
This kind of thing happens repeatedly in life, for example, after many years, a girl's tears streaming down her eyes and looked at me and said, "you don't understand!" Then turned away and disappeared under the setting sun, the Mar Sarah Thierry. Leave me silently pushing my bicycle.
Years later, I discovered the fact that your friends, relatives, lovers, people you cherish and depend on, when he says &ldquo, for you! ” “ you don't understand! ” “ listen to me! &rdquo, mostly because of the inability to give you an understanding and convincing explanation.
Have you seen ET? Communication between two people is no easier than communication between an individual and an alien. You can make a fine product.

But I'd like to say, after all,
The ten thousand sentence is “ I love you ” not as good as a “ I understand your ”
It is our instinct to try to understand. In fact, it is difficult to understand a person; it is difficult to understand an AI.
In the next five minutes, we will discuss two science fiction questions:
1, is it possible for us to understand every decision of artificial intelligence?
2, if so, what method do we use to understand AI?
Xing Xinyu
Xing Xinyu, it's the main curry today. The Pennsylvania State University Professor, working safely with Jingdong, tried to use algorithms to explain every decision of artificial intelligence. (why is it safe to cooperate with Jingdong?)
Let' s ROCK
1, we can really “ understand ” AI?
First, correct most of the people's misunderstandings.
If you think, people can understand every decision made by AI in the way of understanding “ 1+1=2&rdquo. Congratulations, please pay attention to light black technology and continue to punch cards tomorrow.
In fact, most decisions of artificial intelligence are incomprehensible to human beings. Even scientists who manufacture them: — — these artificial intelligence “ mom and dad ” can not understand.
You might say, Nani? How can people not understand what they produce?
For example, when our ancestors invented wood for fire, they did not understand the principle of combustion. First use and then understand, this is the law of our understanding of the world.
An example of what most people know:
Arafa, the most famous AI Weiqi master.
In a specific game, the scientist's father set the target &mdash only for it; — won the game, but did not stipulate that the Alfa dog had to fall in accordance with the human race. Of course, it is precisely because of this that it can be “ the blue is better than the blue ”
The decision-making process of artificial intelligence, like this Han painting, all the visitors will feel “ inexplicable ” until the last second kill, you will suddenly realize.
OK, the misunderstandings have been corrected. The conclusion is:
From a certain point of view, the level of artificial intelligence has exceeded that of human brain. How to understand artificial intelligence (AI) is actually an international problem.
If you only play chess with AI, you will not understand if you do not understand. But, AI is becoming more and more popular, the thing that we can't understand begins to revolve around life, like a friend who always wears a mask and talk to you, just think about the scalp.




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